The Meisterschinken is our popular large cooked and smoked Ham. Only the lean top and silverside parts of the pork leg are used for it.
The ham is pumped, sealing in moisture and flavour, but without drying it. We do NOT add any chemicals which bind the water inside the meat fibers. The technique we use releases the water again and only salt and spices remain.
Meisterschinken is a 100% real meat treat. Cooked to the right core temperature by our specialists gives you a juicy fresh Ham adventure.


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Our butchers put the vast amounts of effort and knowledge into this royal piece of meat.
The Kaiserfleisch is a Ham made only from the eye of the pork loin.
Marinated for one day - golden smoked and tenderly cooked the next.
Thinly sliced Kaiserfleisch is an eye catcher on you finger food or party platter. And it tastes devine.


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Kassler (Bone in)

The Kassler has a very long standing German tradition. It is a Ham style pork loin chop. The skin and fat are removed. The pork loin is cured smoked and precooked to a juicy stage in the whole piece. The kassler can be eaten cold or just heated in the microwave. It also the most popular piece of meat to eat with Sauerkraut in our homeland. A Kassler chop, crispy fried and baked with cheese is a sensation for everyone's tastes buds.


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Middle Bacon

Kiwis love their Bacon. For us it was unknown territory. Trying out a few different brands did not make us happy. All the pre packed Bacon we bought had lots of water in the vacuum bag. We ended up with even more water in the frying pan and couldn't get it crispy. Bacon is pumped like Hams, but usually not pre cooked. The vacuum sucks the water out of the meat. Half of it is visible in the bag, the other half in the frying pan. So we found our solution. We pre cook our Bacon half way to get the excess water out of the meat. This technique keeps our Middle Bacon juicy and you do not pay for water. Find out for yourself.


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